On Sunday Visa launched the new “everywhere you want to be” campaign. It highlights the disruption and hassle of cash and that paying with Visa payWave means you never have to stop. That’s where people want to be.

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Peter Currey, Senior Director, Marketing for Australia and New Zealand shares his views on the new Visa tagline and why “Everywhere you want to be” is relevant locally.

Visa has launched a new direction for the Visa brand globally. The change looks to the future, helping to build the Visa brand in context of great consumer connectivity, mobile, social and omni-commerce. The change also recognises the heritage of Visa, the core DNA, being unsurpassed acceptance, reliability, and security.

There are three key elements in the new brand direction.
1. A new global brand line
2. Simplification of the brand mark and striking new visual identity
3. New campaigns

Visa. Everywhere you want to be
This is the new line. Some of you may recognise it. It served Visa well in the USA for many years and originally established the Visa position as the globally accepted card physically. In the 21st century however, “everywhere” has changed, transcending card usage at physical locations. Mobile and e-commerce, are extending the value and reach of secure Visa payments to new people and places around the world. “Everywhere” isn’t just a place now. It’s where a person wants to be, physically, mentally, ideally. It’s about realising potential and achieving dreams.

Logo and Look. Clean and Strong
We simplified the logo to be more modern and stronger across all environments, digital, mobile, point of sale, and on card. The new Visa look brings back the yellow and blue bars seen on the Visa flag logo, but as “streamers” that can be used in all dimensions, more dynamic and more flexible. The new visual system is for all Visa audiences, our client banks and merchants, government, cardholders and employees.

New Campaigns. A Rolling Launch
The Visa Marketing teams around the world are working to bring the new Visa Brand to markets soon. In many places the new brand has been launched as part of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games campaigns. You can expect to see the new work and campaigns in the next two months across Australia and New Zealand. It will be a rolling launch with new campaigns going out fast and key components such as cards and point of sale coming to market over time.

It is an exciting time in the payments business. Our world is changing fast. These brand changes are proactive ensuring that the Visa brand is forward looking, innovative, dynamic, whilst the protecting the core attributes that built it.

A final word from Charlie
“The launch of “Everywhere you want to be” brings our new ideals into focus for all our stakeholders. It is an opportunity to chart a path for the future of the company by reconnecting to the most relevant and resonant elements of our past.” Charlie Scharf, CEO Visa

Posted by: Peter Currey, Visa Director of Marketing, Australia and New Zealand on February 20, 2014 at 10:40 am

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Abul Rizvi, Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Communications, shares tips to protect your customers while they shop online this festive season.

It’s that time of year again when the annual charge towards gift buying is well underway, with Australians busy buying presents for the festive season.

We all know that more people are going online for a more relaxed and convenient shopping experience. While there are many advantages to shopping online, it’s important to protect yourself and customers from falling victim to online scams.

Here are some easy-to-share tips to encourage others to practice safe and secure online shopping:

• Only pay via a secure web page – look for the “https” at the beginning of the address bar and a locked padlock in the browser

• Research shopping sites – for less well known websites, read independent site reviews

• Use a secure payment method – avoid money transfers, direct debit and never send your bank or credit card details via email

• Know what you are buying – read the product description carefully

• If buying from an auction website, avoid private payments directly to sellers – scammers will often use this ploy to “offer a better deal”

• Read the fine print – especially refund and complaint handling policies

• Check the currency, postage and other charges – there may be extra charges you don’t know about

• Always keep a copy of the transaction – keep records of any emails to and from the seller

For more online safety tips, visit the Stay Smart Online website. You can also receive regular information about recent online threats and scams by subscribing to the free Stay Smart Online Alert Service. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Visa is a partner of the Federal Government’s Stay Smart Online initiative.

Posted by: Visa Corporate Relations Team on December 3, 2013 at 11:08 am

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This month at the FST Technology and Innovation Conference in Sydney I spoke about the future of payments and the opportunity to enrich and transform the consumer payments experience – as we move from cards to mobile devices.

We are operating in a world where commerce is global, but mobile is driving consumers to be more social and more local. This new world order brings immediate opportunity for merchants, with a need to focus on enhancing the consumer payment experience – before, during and after payment.

Through loyalty schemes and offers direct to mobile, merchants can drive consumers in store. When in store, consumers can redeem these offers, through paying with mobile. And when they leave, there is a further opportunity to add value, for instance through rewarding them for the purchase.

Visa payWave has laid the groundwork for mobile payments. We have seen a significant uptake in the adoption of Visa payWave with over 20 million transactions made every month. It is through the same contactless terminals that consumers will soon be able to make mobile payments, by waving their phone over the contactless terminal, and away they go.

At Visa we’re focused on making next generation payments a reality. We continue to build contactless acceptance, and with Visa’s Mobile Provisioning Solution VMPS, we are taking the lead on mobile payments by simplifying the infrastructure build required in market – so banks can talk to telcos more easily and mobile payments come to market sooner.

New mobile point of sale technology, which allows a mobile phone to be turned into an acceptance device, will also introduce significant opportunities for business. This technology is importantly low cost and will vastly increase the number of places consumers can transact electronically, further displacing the use of cash.

We’re also enhancing remote payments, with our new digital wallet service, by Visa, coming to market before Christmas. takes the friction out of online payments, whether you’re on a mobile, PC or tablet.

It is through these efforts that we are enabling the future of payments – in store and remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Posted by: Vipin Kalra, Visa Country Manager, Australia on November 21, 2013 at 12:50 pm

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On Saturday, 19 October Team Visa joined 24 other eager teams participating in the Starlight Foundation’s Great Adventure Challenge race. Hopes were high for a strong race performance after having raised over $16,000 thanks to the many people and businesses who contributed to our fund raising efforts.

The race briefing started at Norah Head Lighthouse where the teams were informed the race course had been adjusted less than 24 hours prior due to the bushfires impacting the Lake Macquarie area. The course consisted of soft-sand running, kayaking, team challenges, mountain biking, bush hiking and swimming which was more than enough disciplines for the team to tackle.

Team Visa performed exceptionally well placing 8th out of the 24 teams in its first year participating in the race. Nature’s Way won the event for the third year in a row and the entire day raised over $260,000 for Starlight Children’s Foundation. The kind contributions from Team Visa’s supporters ensured we were able to grant two Starlight wishes to critically ill children, this achievement in itself meant the result was always going to be a positive one.

Congratulations to the other team members consisting of Laura Bond, Kayla Moore, Marta Axalan, Tia Cordina, Lucas Klausen, Pieter Pelser and Adam Wand who all donated their time, money and physical effort to ensuring such a successful result. The Starlight Children’s Foundation are an amazing charity and Visa looks forward to our continued relationship and hopefully an even better result in next year’s Great Adventure Challenge race.

Team Visa on the course; Marta Axalan, Pieter Pelser, Tia Cordina, Brett Stapleton, Kayla Moore and Laura Bond

Team Visa on the podium; Lucas Klausen, Pieter Pelser, Brett Stapleton, Marta Axalan, Tia Cordina, Laura Bond, Adam Wand and Kayla Moore
Posted by: Brett Stapleton, Head of Sales and Client Relations Australia on October 23, 2013 at 11:41 am
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